Fostering Bilateral Trade and Investment Flows Between Brazil and Florida

Why You Should Join

About The Council

Established  in  2014,  the  Brazil-Florida  Business  Council,  Inc.  (BFBC)  is  an  independent,  nonprofit, nongovernmental business council based in Tampa, Florida. The BFBC’s mission is to forge closer relations between  business  communities  in  Florida  and  Brazil by  fostering bilateral  trade  and  investment opportunities. The BFBC provides an environment to nurture networking opportunities and openly discuss ideas. 

What will you gain from becoming a member?

As a BFBC member, you will gain:

An outstanding amount of institutional exposure within the Brazil-Florida business communities; business referrals and networking opportunities;

Access for your representatives to attend member-only programs; and, access to a wealth of information and contacts contained in exclusive sections of our website. 

The  BFBC  is  devoted  to  helping  each  one  of  its  members  increase  and  expand  their  businesses  and economic impact within Brazil and Florida. 

Why choose the BFBC? What makes us different?

Our business council stands out from similar membership organizations because of our focus. The BFBC goal is to help businesses prosper, and to connect businesses with each other. We specialize in helping, networking, and utilizing connections to launch businesses in driving economic growth in their regions.

The BFBC will refer other companies to your business, to expand your organization’s overall impact. 

We  are  able  to  dedicate  ourselves  to  helping  your  business  prosper  because  of  the  expertise  and leadership of our Founding President & Chairman of the Board Sueli Bonaparte, her committed board of directors, and a highly distinguished Advisory Board.

Ms. Bonaparte has devoted more than 30 years of her professional career to forging closer ties between businesses in the United States and Brazil. Out of those 30 years, she spent 17 years as the executive director of the Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce in New York, successfully triumphing bureaucracy to create international partnerships. Joining the BFBC  will provide you with knowledge from the best professionals in their fields. 

What levels of membership are offered?

The BFBC offers five levels of membership, depending on the size of your organization and how much you plan to benefit from your membership.  Each level offers  particular  services  and  features  that  will  be available to your organization as a valued member. 

The BFBC is able to grow because of our members. It is because of you that we will be able to prosper and make  a  lasting  impact  in  both  regions.  We  hope  you  can  join  us  on  this  exciting  and  highly  beneficial journey. 

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